Top 8 Best-Selling American Coffee-Packaged Brands

Oh, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as a cup of coffee that has been freshly brewed just for you in the morning. There is nothing quite as satisfying. Despite the fact that there is a bewildering variety of coffee available to purchase from the many different brands that line the shelves of modern supermarkets, there is one particular brand that the overwhelming majority of customers prefer.

A survey of coffee drinkers in the United States was carried out by Harris Poll at the beginning of this year (more specifically, in January 2020, before the coronavirus outbreak cleaned out grocers’ shelves). The purpose of the survey was to determine which brands of pre-packaged coffee are the most well-liked.

It’s possible that some of these wins will take you by surprise, but just because they did so does not mean that people don’t like them. The following is a list of the top eight cups of coffee that people in the United States like to drink at home. (Also, if you want to ensure that you are always aware of the most recent information available regarding shopping for groceries, sign up for our newsletter.)

1. McDonald’s

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Since McDonald’s is the only place that sells the McCafé brand of coffee, its presence on this list should not, in many senses, come as a surprise. According to USA Today, over the course of the last decade, the most popular fast food restaurant in the United States has made a concerted effort to break into the coffee market by distributing whole-bean, ground, and single-cup coffee goods at grocery stores all across the country.

This move was reportedly undertaken in an effort to capitalize on the growing demand for coffee in the United States. (Related: The Pros, Cons, and Downright Ugly of McDonald’s McCafe Drinks)

2. Peet’s

Peet’s is a brand of artisanal coffee that was founded in San Francisco and maintains its headquarters there. It currently has operations in 200 locations throughout 11 states. Not only is Peet’s cold brew a popular product, but it is also one of the reasons why the company is included on this list. The other reason is that Peet’s is a pioneer in the cold brew coffee industry. It can be purchased in over 400 distinct supermarkets and convenience stores all around the United States. (Related: 8 Extraordinary Advantages Associated with Drinking Coffee.)

3. Community Coffee

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If you are not familiar with the name Community Coffee, it is likely that you are not from the South. Community Coffee is a chain of coffee shops throughout the South. The much-loved southern traditional coffee brand, which currently has its headquarters in Baton Rouge, is sold in grocery stores in a total of twenty different states across the country.

In spite of the fact that Community Coffee does not run any branded coffee shops at the moment, given the recent boom in popularity that it has had, you should not be surprised if similar places start popping up in the near future. (This page includes a list of other articles that are related: There are 11 major errors that you are making when using your coffee maker.)

4. Folgers

There is probably hardly another coffee brand that is identified with brewing coffee at home as closely as Folgers is. The brand is by far the most popular when regarded merely in terms of overall sales, which represents a bigger sum than the sales of the following two brands combined, as stated in an article that was published in USA Today. (Related: A Tasting Analysis and Ranking of Instant Coffees That Can Be Purchased at Your Neighborhood Grocery Store Based on Their Flavor)

5.  Green Mountain

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Green Mountain Roasters was one of the first firms to focus on roasting beans received via fair trade. Green Mountain Roasters was one of the first companies to focus on roasting beans obtained through fair trade. The humble beginnings of the company may be traced back to a picturesque town in Vermont.

It is presently owned by the multinational company Keurig, which specializes in instant coffee, and it offers customers a broad selection of taste profiles, mixes, and regions of origin for the coffee beans they purchase. (Related: Keurig, Maxwell House, and Other Brands of Decaf Coffee May Contain a Horrifying Additive)

6. Café Bustelo

In 1928, Gregorio Bustelo, a native of Spain who had recently immigrated to the United States, opened the first Café Bustelo in New York City. Gregorio Bustelo was the founder of Café Bustelo. The dark mix, which can be used to create both rich coffee and espresso and is produced in the Cuban style, is especially popular in households that want a dark and robust blend of coffee.

It can be used to make both rich coffee and espresso. (More information on the physiological effects that coffee consumption has on the body may be found in this article.)

7. Starbucks

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Starbucks, which was established in Washington State’s capital city of Seattle, is likely the one brand that most exemplifies the American fixation on coffee more than any other. Because of the remarkable growth that the brand has had over the course of the past two decades, it is now ranked in the top 10 of all franchises.

However, the fact that it is in second place is likely to come as a surprise to a great number of people, despite the fact that its inclusion on our list was not in the least bit surprising. (This article is related to 25 mistakes you’re making while shopping at Starbucks.)

8. Dunkin’

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll, Dunkin’ Donuts has established itself as the undisputed leader among customers’ preferences for brands of bagged coffee.

The donut shop company that was once known as Dunkin’ Donuts and that continued to operate under that name right up until the previous year was founded in the state of Massachusetts more than seven decades ago. And now it can boast that it is the most popular brand of coffee that can be purchased at supermarkets and enjoyed in the homes of people all across the United States of America.

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